My Christmas heroes


Christmas is a perfect time to multiply thoughts of others and the merit and joy they bring to your life.

I am blessed having family and friends who this year, truly stepped up to the plate when I needed it most after switching Disease-Modifying Treatment from daily Copaxone injections to weekly Avonex ones.

Sure about the success of the upcoming reduction in self-administered pin holes in my skin, I wrote a post which funnily enough would end up winning the Best Blog Post in the 2018 Blog Awards Ireland, by Ashville Media Group last October.

But, it didn’t turn out like this.

At all.

Right after starting Avonex treatment, what began as an assault on my physical health became a mental wellbeing issue, something I never want to experience again. After all, the switch from Rebif to Copaxone 11 years prior happened without even one of the side effects I was warned about, so why not Avonex?

In the end, it’s been a six-month long roller coaster ride, followed by months of emotional and mental questioning if it would ever stop.

The answer is that sadly, MS doesn’t stop at red lights and doesn’t give one iota about the where and how hard you try to rise above it.

As a result, what you saw was a raw version of myself, not one I wish to share again.

Those who willingly and therefore as blindly as I was, kept walking beside me are the heroes in this fourteen-year tale of chronic illness, daily wretched pain, and forgiveness, of daily adaptation and understanding.

It stretched even the best of people when I once again had to cancel or reschedule plans and medical appointments, or when phone calls or text messages went unanswered and eventually forgotten.

So, thank you. It truly means a lot you stuck around. It means even more that you never held my illness and its many appendages against me.

Happy Christmas, and may it be the most wonderful time with your loved ones.

Poem to reflect on: The Valuable Time of Maturity – Poem by Mário de Andrade

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blog-awards-2018_winners-gold-mpu-e1571651056851-12018 Winner Best Blog Post with ‘3443 Needles’, Blog Awards Ireland, Ashville Media Group, Dublin, Ireland

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8 thoughts on “My Christmas heroes

  1. Hope you have had a nice christmas, I’ve been in bed since Christmas eve morning and only got up today, this has nothing to do with my MS this was manflu, which after I have put up with this year with my MS you couldn’t write it honestly lol, I’ve learnt true friends don’t moan or hold it against you when you do cancel even at the last moment, and the biggest fight against this truly unknown disease is having a strong support network behind you because as you’ve said MS doesn’t see red or green lights, have a good new years and take care, Rob x

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