Oh, yes, the Blog Awards irony!

Image depicting irony
No, not really.

Oh the irony! That pure, untainted irony that just sits there grimacing at my lack of energy and overabundance of trigeminal neuralgia, today of all days!

“What?” you ask.

You who spends time with me, you know that I often live with sarcasm – I’m still DSF, a Delightfully Sarcastic Female after all. Not only that, tonight I feel cursed.

“Why the bouts of the green(ish), vile-smelling hint of jealousy?” you now scream.

The Ireland Blog Awards ceremony is on right now, that’s why! The ceremony for writers who reached the highest echelon of blogging in Ireland.


Stop shouting. My head hurts.

And my hair.

And when my phone rings, my eye hurts. Plus, I carry gallons of coffee in my intestines trying to keep me awake. I’m a walking, sloshing, combustible weapon of mass destruction.


I am not there! The reason I’m not there is because of the illness I write about!

Ironic much?

Not even Alanis Morissette could get me out of this irony.

I’m in three categories and I am not there.

In two more categories with the Irish MS Society’s MS & Me blog, a blog where I also dabble in some literary delights. And. I. Am. Not. Freaking. THERE!

I guess I’ll watch some Science of Stupid on National Geographic and slowly slip into a deep sleep.

Science of stupid.

Now, that hurts.

“Does it?”

Nah, not at all, I’m honoured to have ended up in five categories in total in tonight’s final.

May the best win, and Aoife and Lucina, thanks for representing me should I win!

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2 thoughts on “Oh, yes, the Blog Awards irony!

  1. Sorry you couldn’t be there. I’m was also a finalist, and couldn’t attend, but I don’t think anyone expected me as I’m in the best diaspora blog category. The Irish blogosphere is a fun place, and I would love to go and meet other bloggers some time. In the meantime,I’ll just keep reading your blog and other that I enjoy. Good luck!

  2. Billie, tough not to be able to attend and hard luck on not clinching an award. I think you know full well that this blog is a winner in terms of being a huge resource for people with MS and those who want/need to know about the disease and how it impacts on lives, especially your inspirational one. Be very proud!

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