Fierce Friday

Ah yes, sometimes my nerves – not nervous system – sometimes my nerves get on my nerves as it were.

I happen to coexist with a messed up central nervous system, overly active heartbeat, breathing problems and every now and then I find myself covered with a nice infection or two. If that wasn’t enough, I have a few pet peeves, which on occasion drive me crazy.

Ψ Screeching kids in shopping centers. On buses, in cinemas, in my ear.

Ψ Said kids kicking my seat in the cinema. How to solve this? ♫♫ Sitting in the back row of the movies ♫♫

Ψ Men, socks do not belong in sandals, especially those ugly, white sport socks. Never ever ever put them in sandals. No woman wants to get another pet peeve added to their little red book of p-peeves. Period!

Ψ House alarm systems. From the 2 houses adjacent my house. Hellish. Big time.

Ψ People talking loud on mobile phones in public. If you shout any louder, you won’t need a smartphone, they will be able to hear you all the way to wherever you’re calling to. Seriously! Psychosis-inducing pet peeve!

Ψ Spelling mistakes in online newspapers, Facebook etc. I am your worst nightmare when words are not the way they shud. Sorry… should. Peeeeeve!

Ψ Medication side effects. Antibiotic ones especially.

Ψ People not adding a “please” or a “thank you” when required. Friendliness doesn’t cost a thing. Didn’t your mother teach you any manners? At all?

Ψ Those abusing my trust, accusing me of things I apparently do or do not do. I acknowledge my own failures, but I will not take ownership of yours. Methinks a lot of people need to look up “projection” in a psychology dictionary. It would solve half my pet peeves.

Ψ People happily covering my face with all sorts of living organisms by sneezing or coughing in my face. Apparently laughing and whistling also carries airborne little horrors. The three to twelve foot rule applies, especially on buses, where the medial distance between people is erm… one foot. Cover your mouth with your hands, your clothes, your knees or your feet if need be so… Also a “mommy didn’t teach you?” manner. Yikes!

Ψ People who refuse to see/understand/apply other people’s requests for common decency. In my book = once asked, forever applied. In most/other people’s books = trillion times asked, once applied. Top notch inequality. For sure.

Ψ Postman folding my letters in a way they never enter the letter-box fully. Achieved a Counselling Diploma with Merit a few years ago. Folded up in the letter-box, half in, half out. Wet Diploma with Merit, didn’t count on that when I signed up for the course. Diploma carrying a nice crease to show me which postman delivered it. Ironing diploma with merit was too harsh a punishment for the nice piece of paper. Pet peeve so.

Ψ Guys… toilet seats. Really?! Pee-peeve, literally pee-peeve.

Ψ Girls in over-expensive €230 UGG boots, totally walking next to their soles. Jeez girls, next time you butcher a sheep to walk next to their €230 soles, buy yourselves the cheap €8 Penneys ones.Ψ Slamming doors. Ev-er-y-wh-er-e, in and out of my house. I am a big believer of revolving doors. Even better, I totally believe in the use of no doors at all.

Yep, I do have my pet peeves. The banging-doors-pet-peeve is the biggest of them all. Yellow note on my main bathroom door: “Please close door quietly to avoid any further cracks in ceiling.” I feel my voice requesting quiet door-closing is starting to sound… worn. Tired.

You see, I wished people could step into my head to see what living with chronic eye pain, facial pain and any other kind of pain in my head, is like when I hear unexpected, loud noises. Physically: torture; mentally: please no more…

Mind you however, I am not oversensitive. Oh no. This chicky here has a high pain tolerance level. But loud door-closing… it can be avoided. You just close the door, holding the door handle in your hands instead of whacking the door full-speed as you enter/leave. Not an essay-question… very easy to do.

Must take the doors out of their hinges one day, just for fun. From the length of the pet-peeve-door-slamming words right now, you can estimate how large this peeve is. HUGE. Only thing is… I am not that kind of person to repay others with banging doors. Already massive headaches you see, lose/lose situation.

You get it so. I have pet peeves. I want my life free of worry, free of continually asking people to please be a little bit (more) mindful of the physical state I happen to find myself in every day.

While most people with MS do not end up in a wheelchair, we almost all say we should tattoo “Multiple Sclerosis… Do Not Touch!” on our forehead. We all hurt when others are ignorant or refuse to work with us.

I don’t force people to tiptoe around me, but I ask them to please see things from my point of view. I am not the type of person to be equally upsetting to others. My mum imprinted the right behaviour in me to treat others with respect and I would like to think that it works vice versa also.

Bible verses like “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” work well for me. Simple. Clean. Always works. Pet peeve cancelled. I may not be an angel, but I have been told that my angelic tendencies sometimes show. Right, even I laugh at that notion!

So does it boil down to basic manners or ignorance? I am too tired and in too much pain to qualify its nature any further.

And in all fairness? My pet peeves give me food for thought. And an even worse headache when doors are involved.

Revolving doors… Unhinged doors…

I like the sound of that.

(Just kidding of course!)Screen-Shot-2012-09-17-at-11.28.08-PM1

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4 thoughts on “Fierce Friday

    1. Totally understand where you’re coming from. It’s so annoying, if not painful, each time you wake up or get a fright of the loud door being knocked into its frame. Methinks we should start a society to prevent doing such things :D

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