After a holiday which wasn’t really a holiday – flying home because a family member passed away is hardly reason to have that excited holiday feeling – and trying to sleep while having half an eye fixed on the Ireland Blog Awards 2013 website every so many hours for the last week or so, I am now still trying to figure out how I got to being shortlisted in the Personal Blog category.

Chuffed. Exhilarated. Stunned.

In the past I expressed my surprise about that peculiar kind of twist of fate which later turns out to be a blessing in disguise, and yet again I have to admit that life really is a stage show. A show of which I continuously seem to misplace the brochure but manage to grasp why things happen, have to happen or don’t happen at all.

From entering the Ireland Blog Awards 2013 competition at a late stage in July to being longlisted in August in what is indeed a very long list of 169 other personal blogs, to being shortlisted last night to make it to the last 28… I still wonder if I’m dreaming or not. It’s now one last push to becoming the finalist on September 29th but in the meantime, please forgive me for sighing and smiling just a tiny bit.

Aforementioned ‘holiday’ however means that a) MS fatigue still is the lead actor in that crazy stage show called life but I will do my utmost to keep on blogging the next few weeks and b) cardiovascular  blah-di-blah means I sincerely need proper healthcare in the form of being selfish by refusing to fix problems others created while I was away (beta blockers have now been called in and are unleashed in my already roasting blood stream to reduce said physical unpleasantries).

Yes, a walking, talking and often snoring pharmaceutical company I certainly am!

What I do want to mention though is that my aim has been, and will continue to be to add honest and informed MS-related posts. If however you will find posts about books, libraries, Ireland, coffee or dogs, I apologise if you were expecting something else. Not always do my eyes look at life through MS-stained glasses, as every so often I will need to add cheeky-leprechaun-mischief.

Once again I want to profoundly thank the jury of the Blog Awards for shortlisting me. It makes living with multiple sclerosis worthwhile.

For more, check this website:

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6 thoughts on “Shortlisted!

  1. Not merely is it a stage show with the playbill gone missing, it’s a stage show without a script and frequently, without a director. I want to get a look at the script before I have to play my role! Congratulations. A well-deserved notice … and I hope you win big :-)

    1. So true, I often think that nobody’s life is set out completely and that we kind of have to bob along :)

      Thank you, even when I don’t get the award in the end, being nominated and shortlisted is just as fantastic!

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