In the arms of Morpheus

Ah Dublin, where everything is fancy and fair, where the sun can wipe out the feel of cool grey stones of its houses and where things just get better by hearing the sound of a jig or reel.

Not so this morning. Fancy and fair… only if you would let me stay under my duvet. Grey… yes, so much so I thought the city had turned into 50 shades of it. Sound of a jig or reel… urgh please no, major migraine in progress. The sound of an alarm going off just when Brad Pi… oh no it wasn’t him, it was yer one of Shrek. Yes, the green one… Shrek himself… taking a bubble bath… Naked… Doing a hula-dance to dry himself off… Héééééélp!!!

Alarm clock… who invented you, you evil devilish device to disrupt the peaceful sleep of an otherwise happy girl at the predetermined hour of 8am? Peaceful it might have been were it not for neuropathic pain waking me up around 2am… -ish… Wide awake until 7.40am… -ish… didn’t even need coffee or my Provigil tablets for this remarkable feat of Williamesque neurological engineering! Entered a snooze-like state for about 20 minutes, only to be woken up by said clock at the said time. Said clock is now lying in the bin, right where it belongs. Finally we’re even, because this morning our fight ended in a draw… woohoohooo! Clock 2 – 2 Billie… Where can I pick up my Olympic medal for throwing my left arm as far and wide as I possibly could?

But pppfffttt… no kidding, there’s something to be said for having morning appointments with hospital doctors, GPs and the mighty kettle that boils cold water for a cup of caffeine gods if you have interrupted nights like mine. I would be able to live perfectly happy in a consensual relationship with the darn thing, if only it would hand me a cup of coffee from the moment I open my eyes. Instead I stumble downstairs and if I’m not careful, one day I will do that funny athletics sport where hot sportsmen kind of jump forward like Bugs Bunny before jumping into a sandpit. The sandpit obviously being the bottom of the staircase… That just makes me think now: I don’t need an alarm clock with a built-in coffee making machine, I need a butler!

Never mind how I ended up in the local shopping centre to do my weekly food shop, but I do remember being as wet as a toothbrush under Niagara Falls. Irish rain never seizes to amaze me, one day soft and tender, another hard and cutting like glass; there’s only one constant factor: it’s always wet. The only thing still dry were my feet by grace of the almighty tall 20-eye Dr Martens boots ***Billie now performing a thank-you-ceremony to the boots***

Gulp… €6.76 for a coffee and a bit of carrot cake? Has this country’s government increased the price of coffee in yesterday’s Budget for 2013 after most of the members of the Dáil had left?! Why wasn’t I informed of this!? Good grief, the idea of it!

After slaloming my way through the shopping aisles like a profoundly brilliant elephant in a china cupboard, I ended up home again, peeling off everything that could hang to dry. Needless to say the look on my face was like this:The time between coming home and writing this post is of the blurry kind: what I did an hour ago I can still remember… the rest… must’ve dozed off in a bit of a snooze.

My memory loves playing tricks with me, sadly that’s the old MS talking because cognitive issues have decided that somehow my memory would be an ideal place to live. One time I had totally forgotten that I had been my brother’s witness at his church wedding, only to tell my mum all excited that I have been asked by one of my friends to be his witness, and that it would be the first time that someone had asked me! ***GULP*** I think my mum must’ve thought that this was not her own daughter speaking because surely she would remember the happy event?! I did, after thinking hard and looking at pictures of that day. Forgetting something like this was a shock to the system, that much I can tell you!

Anyheeeew, I am rattling on here. Methinks a lot of ZZZs wouldn’t go astray right now. While I go look for my lost few hours, I hope you all have a good night and if you’ve started your Christmas shopping or are about to finish work, ho-ho-hZZZZs!

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