MS, 50 shady ways of being sick

“I decided to call it, “MS, 50 shady ways of being sick.” It sounded good in that moment. Hell, it almost sounded sexy.

I’ve yet to find 49 other ways of being ill though. When my friend therefore asked what I was (relapsing/remitting; primary progressive etc.), I simply said, “What I am? Tired, just endearingly tired, so much so I’m ready for my nappy.””

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Misty Monday

Right now I’m in from some kind of self-inflicted, being-stuck-syndrome. Thankfully, it only happens a few times a year. I am gasping for air and checking if I’m still alive every 10 seconds. It’s stifling my bones and putting my knickers in a twist. So I am listening to Lady Gaga. To lift my spirits.

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