Oh, snap!

“Also, because of the long, warm summer days, Uhthoff’s Symptoms, also referred to as Phenomenon or heat sensitivity, means that I am rather slow in the upstairs department, which eventually lead to predicament B. My days are unquestionably not dull nor tranquil, so.”

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Medical terminology?

“Because fatigue does not show a relationship with how many plaques your MRI shows, it is often hard to gauge, even though it does predict later brain atrophy in the posterior parietal cortical lobes. Also, MS fatigue comes in two different varieties, the primary and secondary type of fatigue.

During functional MRI scans for physical and cognitive tasks, it was clear that inefficient reorganization of a damaged central nervous system took place. MS fatigue is also a medical fact, so, and is associated with other neurological symptoms.”

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Wondering if you’ll make it down the staircase, you go back to bed.

Your gut tells you this is not right, something is just not right inside.

Work needs to be informed.

Will you even make it to work?

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