Do I have stupid written on my forehead?

Cog fog image

Can you recall what life was like before this craziness started? Nope? Neither can I. There is a bit of mental derailing going on right now. Fatigue is back with a vengeance. I am so excellent in not sleeping well, that when I do, it’s a reason to organise a party, or rather, a pyjama […]

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The five-second MS rant

Thinking on bed image

“Oh no, what does that mean?!” “Give me a break, please. Stop being so self-aware of every little nook and cranny in your body. Stop assigning it symptoms that are self-diagnosed. Stop wanting to be sick.” “You want to feel pain? How about I lend you some trigeminal neuralgia laced with extra brain fog and […]

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15 Essential MS Websites (2017)

  Barts MS Blog Multiple Sclerosis on Neurology Times MS Trust Shift MS National Multiple Sclerosis Society (US) Multiple Sclerosis Association of America Multiple Sclerosis Research News Multiple Sclerosis News Today MedMerits: Multiple Sclerosis Center Healthline, Understanding Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis Society (UK) The MS Society of Ireland Medscape Multiple Sclerosis Very well: Multiple […]

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MS Anxiety

Research shows that MS-related anxiety usually happens shortly after being diagnosed, while some doubt it does not result from the physical process of MS itself.

Not so fast, buster!

I begged to differ.

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