0% responsibility – 100% accountability

Today, I joke about not being perfect or about my mind behaving like a repetitive software update that refuses to stick after a few busy days. I may add that my bones rattle and that I have a Club Med-type relationship with three different hospitals, my primary care physician and my pharmacy. Or, I forget my name, fall asleep at fancy receptions, need an hour to cut three peppers and two onions and sometimes need to nag to myself to get things done.

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How to wrap friendship

Friendship image

Friends reply less when words fall between the cracks of self-censorship. When they decide to stay away, it’s up to us to never think any less of the friends who stay away. I consider it a justified reaction. I’m also on the other side of the scale where I chose to stay away from certain people because of their words.

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I will survive!

What do you do when you are faced with a 5-minute life-changing situation that will affect the rest of your life? Do you run, do you freak out, do you sit back and take it all in or do you simply just get on with life and let the future reveal itself? I’ve been through […]

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