No-wrinkle multiple sclerosis

Wrinkles blue eyes

Neurological tests are entertaining. They’re telling. Mind-boggling. Enigmatic. In brief, neuro checkups sometimes border on the gloomy, darkly lit twilight zone of your existence, especially when you get up close and personal with the MRI scans of your central nervous system – your brain and spinal cord. Both are the cause of what makes you the […]

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While I was sleeping…

“If asked if I want to feel and be the ‘me’ before my diagnosis, I would reply this, “Of course I wish to be that person again, only, I simply cannot remember what ‘normal’ feels like.” Fatigue significantly interfered with daily life very early on in my road to diagnosis and was one of the reasons why, eventually, I was forced to retire four and a half years later.”

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MRI scans, hope or defeat

A war zone. It seemed like a war zone. Sound effects of an AK47 gun amid MRI vibrations and banging noises usually taking place on construction sites. Tinnitus adding an overlay I can miss like never before. Magnetic resonance imaging is a godsend to ill people. In regards to MS, it gives a clear view […]

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