What happened when you weren’t looking!

We often become too focused on the serious moments in life, yet we can learn as much about the funnier side of life with a chronic illness, or from those that show us grace in defeat.

I was therefore incredibly surprised to find out that my blog was among the 10 Best Blogs of 2018 as chosen by Everyday Health while also being awarded another Top 50 place on Feedspot’s Best MS Blogs of 2018. And, as the proverbial cherry on top of the cake, I am now a contributor to The Mighty.

Everyday Health Top 10 BlogThere’s a certain amount of pride and vindication when you realise that you haven’t given up on life despite those who would love nothing more than seeing you defeated. I cannot be any happier with friends and family members who have been there from day one and who never held my illness against me.

My message has always been this, “Please, do not give up, for you are a fighter and you can turn into a better version of yourself you never knew existed.”

Everyday Health 2018


If you’re new to my IMSM alliance and you’re waiting for new content to be published, keep your eyes peeled!

Hope to see you then!

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