Responsibility hurts

Reposting on request, January 11th, 2016 – link to original post can be found in the post

“Taking responsibility has a domino effect once you accept its challenge. Self-actualisation is needed, and to be able to see its benefits and to survive, you need drive to improve yourself and as a result, have a positive effect on those around us.

Once you see yourself progress, loving yourself becomes easier, which in turn makes it easier for others to respect and accept you. The vicious circle is complete when following this, you take on more responsibility, widening the circle of your influence on the world around you.”

Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me


Fabulous for those who own it, bad for those who don’t.

I am one of those people who quickly feels guilty about having to cancel hospital or advocacy appointments when I’m too unwell to leave the house. It might be innate, or it might just be one of those famous Irish guilt-trip things that is attached to my dwindling Belgian roots. Either way, I often “suffer” from feeling “over-responsible” when I fail to do something.

After watching Dole Life, a program on Irish television about the difficulties young adults face trying to find (and keep) a job, the topic of responsibility and maturity was on everybody’s lips the following days and weeks. Shauna (Jake) had just started a new job, yet in the first week of her employment she arrived late on four consecutive days. She said coming out as transgender was the reason for being late, but her…

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