World MS Day 2013: raise awareness


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3 thoughts on “World MS Day 2013: raise awareness

  1. I’m so sad every day I cry I’m so alone I know it could be worse is what everyone says but somehow that doesn’t ease the pain or make anything better I just want my old self back I miss me and the old me I’m tire of I try I do to be thankful of everything I do and don’t have but it’s so hard to stay positive and upbeat everyday it’s the same day in the house because it is a struggle to get up and go out I know I should and actually I do when I go to the dr but I have no life I’m done with MS it’s a really hard thing to deal with I know it could be worst but I really wish someone would find a cure my life has changed so much I can’t do what I want to do with my teen age daughter, because of the walking and fatigue problems , I’m tide of my left side being numb , my legs and feet dragging, bolts of feel like lightning shooting through my body,the cane, the wall walking, the crying every freakin day at any given time I just want to the old me everyday asking why me someone once said, why not me I just don’t understand that one???? Just want the old me.


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