About Vikings, Vitamin D and multiple sclerosis!

Girl in the sun

So, how do you feel about your MS? The biggest joke of your life? A royal pain in a less magnificent backside? Or, just something to be had, whether you like it or not, and that includes the big bag of medicines and vitamins you pick up from your pharmacy every four weeks?

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The duplicity of MS

Summer has finally arrived in Ireland. After what seemed a prolonged autumn and/or winter, we saw summer marching in as if tomorrow might never come. Seeing we are a breed of people who can endlessly talk about the weather, we find fault in it as soon as it happens, only to spin more hours of […]

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A new dawn, a new season

September 1st… There is some security in hearing those words. September 1st reminds me of my first days in school, of the start of autumn and winter, of the coming of Halloween and Christmas, of curling up on the couch under a blanket and with the candles and the open fire lit… There’s something in […]

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