What MS and shoeboxes have in common!


It just makes for unimaginable breakouts of sarcasm filled with Irish-sounding words of wisdom. In more politically correct grammar, I often feel like replacing myself with newly created brain cells to replace those that somewhere down the line, must have gone missing after being targeted by biological and chemical warfare.

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Noise, fear and MS

Ears hands people

What those lessons are? Don’t be fooled by fear of the unknown since something is only unknown when you experience it for the first time. As such, fear is a choice.

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Happiness and MS

woman doing hand heart sign

In short, I felt like gutting my immune system from my entrails. My mind from my brain. And my eyes’ life experiences dunked in a glass jar filled with ethanol.

Life with MS. Nobody said it would be easy. Or, straightforward.

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A to Z of MS

blur book stack books bookshelves

You hear them each time you speak with your medical team: MS-related medical jargon can sound heavy and darken your thoughts. This list will be updated with easy to grasp terms, and if not, do not hesitate to send me a message.

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MS, fake or not


The assumption that of the many invisible symptoms associated with MS, some can be faked – as if they’re digitally pasted on someone – is flabbergastingly prejudiced and foolish. It portrays a clear lack of understanding of what MS as a neurodegenerative illness is and what its impact is one those living with it.

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Oh, media, when will you ever learn?

Vintage typewriter

Dear Media, You should know better. It began with this article in 2017 (*) Meet the Cambridge scientist on verge of curing Multiple Sclerosis: This amazing work could literally change the world Cambridgeshire Live, June 4th, 2017 Two years later… Meet Su Metcalfe, the Cambridge scientist on the verge of curing multiple sclerosis Healthy Living Idea, […]

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Sensory MS symptoms: The hair that isn’t there


By now, you’ve probably grown accustomed to some of my outer worldly MS symptoms like the ice-picking in my eye, the bees in my ears or the whole-body buzzing when lying down. Some girls just want to have fun. I just want to stop being so blatantly weird.

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Silence! (or how to break me using sounds)

Pink headset hearing

“So yes, we all have a bit of that sh*t-life-syndrome every so often. Sadly, we cannot unlearn our illness or symptoms like we can unlearn unwanted behaviours. What a drastic symptom like this does teach us, though, is how we can best create a workaround that should lessen its impact on us.”

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Writing, a quiet observation

There is something about words, something fluid, warm, recognisable and true. Just a short while ago I was again reminded of my love for anything written, and how it more than likely, came to be. Early on in life, I was already a dedicated library-lover. Living above one eased the path towards it, and it definitely […]

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