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UNCRPD, Ireland’s ten-year moral outrage

Ad nauseam.

Ah yes, you know the term.

In proper Wikipedia language, it reads “An argument or other discussion that has continued ‘to [the point of] nausea.” In Irish slang, “We are bloody well tired of talking or hearing about it.”

And that, dear reader, we are. Severely sick and tired of hearing that the Irish government will ratify the UNCRPD by a specified date, only to find out that they very silently forgot to live by that promise. Needless to say, having the gift of the gab in Dáil Éireann is an advantage, yet those we elected to represent our very needs refuse to use that gift when it matters most. Continue reading

The sorry state of neurology in Ireland

On Tuesday evening, I received a late invite to join a lobby group of the NAI (Neurological Alliance of Ireland) and the Irish MS Society to protest in- and outside Leinster House, the seat of the Irish government. I was quite happy to do so, because, after being an MS Society spokesperson last year relating to new MS medication being denied to Irish patients, I more than wanted to put my shoulders under a new campaign to highlight the state of neurological services in Ireland. Continue reading

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