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With astonishment, I found out yesterday that my blog is shortlisted yet again in the Ireland Blog Awards.

To reach the final, public voting will take place from Wednesday 17th until Tuesday 23rd August alongside peer voting.

Therefore, I would be massively inspired and humbled if you could help me reach the final. You can do so by clicking on the pink link above or the image below and click on the ‘Vote for this Blog’ on the blue button on the right to register your vote for my little love child called Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me.

Since the very beginning, it has been all about quality over quantity, reality over fantasy and encouragement over impediment. There have been brutally honest and heart-wrenching articles aimed to motivate other people with MS as well as things to make you laugh. There have been items that came straight from a personal need to vent about the injustice of the Irish political system, loved ones causing grief and my wish for a less ignorant world.

Most of all, though, it is my aim to write easy to understand yet informative articles explaining all about MS, from its history, management, treatment, links to mental and emotional health organisations as well as essential reads, the best MS apps and much more.

Lastly, I want to say thanks to all those who keep on reading my work and comment on my articles. If it weren’t for all of you, there would be no IMSMe. As a person who loves challenges, each day is a day spent on trying to improve not just my writing and subject knowledge, but also myself.


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