10 MS Treatment Apps

As we become more mobile as time goes on, we also want more access and availability of our medical history and treatment plans wherever we travel. Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money making such apps as inclusive as possible, with some true digital gems.

This post is about MS treatment/wellness apps, whereas part two will be about medical apps in the broader sense of the word. If you find your treatment or country isn’t up-to-date in the list, bear with me/big pharma please, as apps might be in the early stages of development. I will keep on checking for updates though, or if you know when/where I can find links, do give me a shout!

SymTrac Gilenya (Fingolimod)
Track general wellbeing and symptoms over time. The data recorded can be viewed in easy-to-read charts and shared with MS specialist teams to make the most of vital consultation time and support decision making.
App Store image


Avonex® Active (IFN beta-1a)
The Avonex® Active app is developed by Biogen Idec specifically for patients receiving Avonex treatment. On first launch, the app is only accessible using a unique code. The Avonex® Active app provides you with all the useful tools and information you need: from a handy calendar allowing you to record appointments and delivery dates, to setting reminders.
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MySupport / Rebif (IFN beta-1a)
‘MySupport’ has been designed for UK and Ireland MS patients who have been prescribed Rebif.
– Log and track your MS symptoms
– View our ‘how to use’ video guide for RebiSmartTM, presented by MS nurse Del Thomas
– Keep a record of questions and notes for your next appointment with your nurse, GP or
– Record your daily walking distance through an inbuilt pedometer
– Use the inbuilt mapping function to locate ‘pitstop’ locations near you
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myBETAapp™ / Betaseron (IFN beta-1b)
MyBETAapp can help you schedule, track, and record your treatment whenever and wherever, on your mobile device or your computer. Use myBETAapp™ to:
– Keep up with your medication schedule and properly rotate your injections
– Set reminder alerts for your next injection*
– View a monthly calendar of the injections you’ve scheduled, recorded, or missed
– See when and where your next injection is scheduled
– Email your injection history to yourself and your healthcare team
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COPAXONE iTracker (Glatiramer acetate)
Stay committed to your treatment when you’re on the go. This customizable mobile tool lets you track your daily injections instantly and efficiently with your iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, or Android™ device. With the COPAXONE iTracker®, you can connect directly with Shared Solutions® for 24/7 nurse support by phone and many other support services that can enhance your injection and therapy experience.
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Important Note

Please be aware that by using third-party apps, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with their respective Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions.

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