Princesses and Docs

Docs in autumnClothes are an important part of my life. Never pleased with just the ordinary, what everyone else wears these days, I try to find clothes that will always bring that “Oh, that is so you, Billie!”

Different, alternative and indeed, that “typically me” type of clothes. Dr Martens boots matched with pretty dresses have been my style for the past two years. Grace to an injured Achilles tendon, I had to find boots that encapsulated my foot, hence again falling for Dr Martens boots.

I haven’t looked back since; two years later I still wear them as much as possible. In fact, I hate summers, partly because it is simply too warm outside to wear them.

Only this morning I took Instagram pictures from my boots surrounded by fallen leaves from trees in my neighbourhood. They simply are part of the way I think and am. If clothing could ever be personified character traits, my Dr Martens boots are it.

Before the Achilles issue, I already used to dress in black day in, day out. So much so that my ex-colleagues told me to start wearing different colours and that they would never talk to me again if I dared showing up dressed in black again at work. Needless to say, I didn’t listen to them and I continued to wear black.

One of my favourite pieces is still, once bought in Vero Moda, a black, long princess skirt. Girls walked over to me asking where I bought the skirt because they thought it was so pretty. I eventually got the same skirt again in the shop because I didn’t want to wear anything else ever again.

Sadly I grew a little bit bigger because of steroid treatments and the skirts didn’t fit me anymore, but they’re still hanging in my wardrobe, waiting to be worn again.

I am alternative in mind and spirit, but I will always try to match the expensive-looking boots with dresses that beam elegance, even when the dresses were cheap or bought when the sales period is on.

And who knows, one day I might fit into the princess skirts again! Fingers crossed… and toes also!

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12 thoughts on “Princesses and Docs

    1. Not in a million years Roy! Alternative chic is what you could call my dress sense. Short hair: yes, but my hair doesn’t make a statement, I just like it short because it’s much easier to handle. Denims I haven’t worn in years! :D


    1. Thank you Frances! Indeed they are a statement, which is why I love them so much, plus they are brilliant support for my sore feet :)


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