Ooooh… :(

Didn’t make the finalist list in the Ireland Blog Awards competition but still quite happy to have been longlisted and shortlisted from 168 blogs to the best 28 in the Best Personal Blog category. Here’s to more blogging, writing and hopefully getting to the finalist stage next year!


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Quirky, tenacious and neurologically compromised female expat living in Ireland since 2002 ◾ MyTherapyApp Best MS Blog for Simplicity 2018 ◾ Everyday Health Top 10 MS Blog of 2018 ◾ WEGO Health Patient Leader Award Nominee 2018 ◾ Feedspot Top 50 MS Blog 2017, 2018 ◾ Ireland Blog Award Finalist 2014, 2015, 2017 & Shortlisted 2018 (competition ongoing) ◾ Contributor to the Novartis MS blog Living Like You ◾ Contributor to MS Ireland’s blog MS & Me ◾ Contributor to The Mighty ◾ Guest contributor to

6 thoughts on “Ooooh… :(

  1. Well done Billie. However, having done a bit of judging for the Awards this year, it’s all a bit unscientific and random. Win or lose I wouldn’t place too much store by them.

      1. You are asked to give marks 1-10 for a number of attributes of a blog, even if the answer ought to be Yes/No/Not Applicable. The judge ends up guessing the best mark to give. I’ve made my points to the super-judges. Doubt I’ll be asked next year :-)

        1. That does sound like a lot of guesswork alright and not very professional. I was a bit put off by the late delivery of long- and shortlisted blogs. Having to wait 4 days or so after the mentioned date on the website is not professional either. They just revealed nominees late every single time. My nerves and heart went bonkers over it :D

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