Do mobile phones cause multiple sclerosis symptoms or other brain damage?

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Twenty years ago, SMS messaging was used for the first time on 3 December 1992, when Neil Papworth, a 22-year-old test engineer for Sema Group in the UK used a personal computer to send the text message, a “Merry Christmas” wish, via the Vodafone network to the phone of Richard Jarvis.

Colloquially called a text message in Ireland, written communication finally turned into an adult. And because this is a hot news story today, I am once again on a mission to seek answers regarding an excruciating multiple sclerosis symptom when using a mobile phone.

I admit, I am just as hooked and mentally charred from so much mobile phone usage, that I now wonder, “What on earth did I do with my time when we were still using -what now seems dinosaur-age technology and before I became permanently linked to my mobile/cell phone?!?”

Fourteen and a half years ago, I wanted to give up on using mobiles altogether. The tremors that were bugging my hands made texting on a small phone feel like hell, especially for someone who just loves writing in whatever shape or form, especially on the lovely blue Motorola flip phones. What was worse, however, was that another physical MS feature would eventually lead to an diagnosis that nobody saw coming, including me.

Whenever I talk on a mobile phone, no matter which brand, or how fancy or low tech, intermittent stabbing pain shoots through my left eye, ear, top of my cheek and in a small spot behind my ear on the side of my face where I am holding the phone. The symptoms feel exactly like those caused or triggered by trigeminal neuralgia and since it’s been going on for 8 years now, you can imagine how much I detest taking calls and why I prefer texting or emailing.

Sadly, though, when I ask a neurologist/GP/MS nurse about it being a possible radiation issue caused by cell/mobile phones, they cannot provide a decent answer.

What does the pain connected to mobile phone use feels like to me?

Imagine a knife is being stabbed into your eye and ear and quite often at the same time. It lasts for about two seconds but it’s so painful that in the middle of phone calls I simply yelp something that resembles “Aawww!” Because I have been plagued by TN for over 8 years now, I’ve had plenty of time to readjust my physical response, although not always to my benefit.

Before getting an iPhone I used to switch mobiles regularly because of the pain and because I thought it might have been that particular mobile I was using at that time. But, no such luck. I went through 7 or 8 mobile phones in the last 10 years, and passed it on each time the pain made me want to scream.

I can understand that big brands like Apple, Samsung or Sony rather not admit there’s a possible link between the use of this brands and possible physical illnesses like brain tumours, trigeminal neuralgia etcetera. I could blame myself, of course, but I rather not start since I have absolutely no knowledge about radiation and its impact on technology like this, which means I would be sending lots of fallacies into the medical and technological world.

You can therefore understand my preference of sending text messages instead of having phone calls on a mobile. Also, while some research proves that mobile phones do not cause brain tumors, other research says brain damage can occur.

The WHO (World Health Organization) says that mobile phone radiation is “possibly carcinogenic” meaning “there could be a risk of getting cancer.” The World Health Organisation graded it as such, so there must be some kernel of truth in it?

So, this is why I appeal to any researcher out there investigating brain damage or cancers related to the use of mobile phone usage.

I need help understanding what is causing the pain so please contact me.

Also, any neurologist who has seen similar symptoms in other people with multiple sclerosis, please help.

Or, if you know someone involved in this kind of research, please contact me also. I urgently need an answer to this because it’s too painful to ignore.

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