Do mobile phones cause brain damage?

I rarely post twice a day, but I have to do it now before I forget… I’ve the size of a brain of a fish so by the time it swam around the bowl, it has already forgotten why it did so in the first place. Reason is that 20 years ago the first text message was sent so hallelujah… communication had now become an adult by us mere mortals being able to send short messages over a mobile/cell phone in text form. And because this is a hot news story today, I have to ask people for help regarding a funny symptom when using a mobile phone before I forget again.

Whenever I talk on a mobile phone, I get stabbing pain in my eye, ear and cheek on the side of my face I am holding the phone to, very much like trigeminal neuralgia in MS. It’s been going on for 8 years and whenever I ask a neurologist/GP/MS nurse about it, they don’t know why (maybe they’re thinking I’ve gone a bit gaga?)

Trigeminal nerves

It feels like a knife is being stabbed in my eye and ear, and lasts for about two seconds but it’s so painful that in the middle of phone calls I go “aawww!” I used to have this during normal conversations before being diagnosed with relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis but now it only happens when talking on a mobile/cell phone and the contributing factor therefore has to be mobile phones.

iPhones – and any other brand of phones have been found to be the culprit – so I cannot blame Apple and other mobile phone companies for giving me mad headaches now, can I? I could blame myself of course, but not sure how that would work out since I’ve no idea what I’ve done or what happened to get this kind of pain… Before getting an iPhone I used to switch mobiles regularly because of the pain and because I thought it might have been that particular mobile I was using at that time. But no such luck… I went through about 7 or 8 mobile phones in the last 10 years and every time… bang! Poof! Woof! There is the pain again! Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!

You can therefore understand that I prefer sending text messages instead of having phone calls on a mobile. Also, while some research proves that mobile phones do not cause brain tumors, other research says brain damage can occur. Hence me living in limbo by not getting confirmation, a new brain scan, a decent “yes I believe nerve damage in your eyes and ears is because of the use of a mobile phone” and simply just getting medication for it.

The WHO (World Health Organization) says that mobile phone radiation is “possibly carcinogenic” meaning “there could be a risk of getting cancer.” Not that that explains a lot but if the WHO has graded this as such, surely some truth has to be in it?

All this is why I appeal to any researchers out there investigating brain damage or cancers because of mobile phone usage… I need help understanding what is causing the pain so please contact me. Also, neurologists who have heard of this happening in other people with multiple sclerosis or other neurological illnesses, please help… If you know someone involved in this kind of research, please contact me also. I really need an answer to this because it’s too painful to ignore.

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