Why I love advocacy!

No talking girl

No matter when you were diagnosed, there might be moments when you feel like screaming at the top of your lungs when symptoms take a little too long to disappear, or because people are just getting on your nerves.

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While I was sleeping…

“If asked if I want to feel and be the ‘me’ before my diagnosis, I would reply this, “Of course I wish to be that person again, only, I simply cannot remember what ‘normal’ feels like.” Fatigue significantly interfered with daily life very early on in my road to diagnosis and was one of the reasons why, eventually, I was forced to retire four and a half years later.”

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I don’t miss myself

So… Rugby world cup. At last. England in a fashion faux-pas. Coin toss aside, they resembled players of Wales, China, Japan or Kyrgyzstan (Fijian, red is Fijian). Mum’s nine-day visit to Ireland now over. Visited Dublin Zoo once again. New camera making me rather shutter-slow, hence prevalent photographic bonding with rear ends of several animals. […]

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