Dublin, my Dublin

Pictures of Dublin, my Dublin. Almost 11 years in Ireland, I still consider it a dream come true, a life less ordinary and simply… Ireland: the love of my life.

(Apologies if images are grainy, some were taken with an old-fashioned camera)

Old map of IrelandJim Larkin statue in DublinStatue of chatting women at the Woollen MIllsO'Connell Street DublinEasons bookshop O'Connell Street, DublinJames Joyce plaque, DublinStatue of James Joyce, DublinDubliners by James Joyce in the Gaiety Theatre

Bewleys in Grafton Street, DublinView on the Liffey, DublinHa'penny Bridge, DublinTemple Bar, DublinThe GPO, O'Connell Street, DublinDancing children, Grafton Street, DublinThe National Library, Kildare Street, DublinSkerries, County DublinHa'penny Bridge, DublinThe Ormond Hotel, James Joyce's Ulysses

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37 thoughts on “Dublin, my Dublin

  1. Hi. Just catching up with posts. I thought you were taking a break!? lol This pics just make me long even more to get over there. Thanks for the links, I’ll look through them, Take care, Colleen

    1. Aaaw Colleen, I know… the more I think I should be resting up, the more I want to write. I have notes for blog ideas on laptop and mobile phone and the list is getting longer and longer.

      Dublin yes… not as Irish anymore as I would like due to lots of European clothing shops which found their way to Ireland, so it has become just another European capital, but if you look hard, you will find Ireland in smaller streets and areas.

        1. Likewise. Totally messed up by unfinished new architecture showing Celtic Tiger remnants but great anyway. I think I would prefer Florence though…

  2. Would love to visit Ireland and pay homage to my ancestors who couldn’t wait to leave..LOL! Thanks for posting all those great pics!

      1. I must make a list of everyone who wants to visit their Irish ancestors’ homeland, but better be quick because the list is growing very fast! :D

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