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MS News: April 2017

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  1. Canadian Study of MS-Prone Family Proves that in Rare Cases, Multiple Sclerosis is Inherited
  2. Large Family Study Strengthens Case for Inherited Multiple Sclerosis
  3. New Survey Finds Multiple Sclerosis Patients Struggle with Misdiagnosis and Invisible Symptoms

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MS News: March 2017


Highlight still on American Healthcare Act, the replacement plan for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) released by Congress on March 6, 2017

  1. Society Releases Statement on American Health Care Act
  2. National MS Society Urges Lawmakers to Oppose American Health Care Act
  3. Reducing Out-of-Pocket Cost Barriers to Specialty Drug Use Under Medicare Part D: Addressing
  4. Researchers find patients’ annual financial burden under Medicare Part D is ‘too much too soon’


New book by the honourable American/Irish author and friend Trevis Gleason!

  1. Chef Interrupted: Discovering Life’s Second Course in Ireland with Multiple Sclerosis


  1. Blood Diagnostic Test for Multiple Sclerosis to be Released in May 2017

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My tired is tired

Yep… right now I am one hell of a great example of how MS can just snap you right back to when you were first diagnosed, hence the large picture stating that very fact. Remember the days where you were just bed-ridden with lots of symptoms not making sense, and pain that kept you up day and night, no matter how tired you were?

How so? Well, last week my body was half-fried under the sun in temperatures of 35°C. Microwave temperatures sizzling my body from the outside in, although it felt like I was roasted from the inside out.  I still feel like a walking advert for Kentucky Fried Chicken… minus the Kentucky mind you. And the chicken. Continue reading

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