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MS News: November 2016

Find last month’s MS-related articles here. Feel free to share!

MS News: October 2016

Highlight! Influenza, Vaccinations, MS Brain cognitive exhaustion is real for people with Multiple Sclerosis

Positive MS News: June 2015

There’s only one topic in the Highlight! part of the good news list this month. In my view, more private firms should be involved in clinical research, sponsorships of medical institutions etc. In essence, it’s in everyone’s best interests, i.e. everyone’s health, theirs included. What’s your view on this? Answer below!

Positive MS News: May 2015

New additions: news about MS and diet, exercise etc. More will follow soon! Highlight! Hawaii Legislature approves medical marijuana dispensaries Medical marijuana registry in Quebec called world’s first Texas Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Bill State health officials unveil new marijuana dispensary rules

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