MS Symptoms

Note: I am not a medical professional nor do I intend to provide any medical advice to anyone. Please see your family doctor or neurologist if you have any health care concerns. My intention is to provide accurate information from the perspective of an informed patient.

Note: As an MS patient you can experience several or very few of the symptoms listed below, they can also vary in severity, duration and recurrence. 

Note: Different people are likely to experience very different symptoms. Since no two people have exactly the same experience of MS, the disease course may look very different from one person to another.

Note: This is not a list of all my MS symptoms but a list of possible symptoms each MS patient can have.

Note: The majority of people with MS do not become severely disabled. Most people with MS learn to cope with the disease and continue to lead satisfying, productive lives.

Note: MS is not contagious and is not directly inherited.


Autonomic nervous system problems  Blood pressure and heart problems; difficulty breathing and swallowing
Fatigue Physical and/or mental exhaustion
Gastroesophageal Reflux Acid reflux
Inappropriately cold body parts  
Sleeping Disorders   
Uhthoff’s Symptom Increase in severity of symptoms with heat
Anosmia; ageusia Impaired sense of taste and smell
  Epileptic seizures
Dysphagia Swallowing problems
Respiratory diseases Breathing problems
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