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💋 Kiss Goodbye to MS 2017 💋

I agree it has been fairly quiet here. A lot has happened the past few months which required the usual RRS, the almighty Rest, Relaxation, and Sleep. New things are still taking shape, so do hang around or drop me an email. 💋💋💋 Pucker up in the meantime in February! Go RED to KISS GOODBYE TO MS, the global fundraising campaign, supported by MS … Read More 💋 Kiss Goodbye to MS 2017 💋

Health Organisations – Ireland

NOTE: for mental health organisations in Ireland, please go to this webpage Overview of health services for people with disabilities Entitlements for people with disabilities in Ireland Disability Federation of Ireland Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) Disability Consultancy Services Enable Ireland Inclusion Ireland Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) Leap Ireland Rehab Ireland (Rehabilitation for Disabled People) Health – General Health Service Executive (HSE) … Read More Health Organisations – Ireland

Volunteering, a worthy cause

“In fact, for anyone interested in volunteering, research shows it can be beneficial in improving mood, self-esteem and quality of life, and in reducing stress, pain and depression. It also shows that ill people who volunteer, become better at managing their own illness in turn and volunteering can strengthen their immune system.”

Irish public transport: access all areas?

“At this stage, I thought “Do I really have to walk with my coffin under my arm to get a seat when I’m physically leaning on a walking stick while holding the handrail as if it was my best friend?””

EMSP Spring Conference 2014, Dublin

“For those reasons, the European MS Platform will host its Spring Conference in Ireland on the 8th and the 9th of May in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin. The theme of this year’s conference is “Care where it counts – in the journey with MS.””

MS Trust 21 Challenge

“Here’s a breakdown of the challenge (you will be linked to the MS Trust website to enter). Like they say: “Keep the trust posted on the challenges you’re taking part in by sharing your stories and photos on Twitter and Facebook using hashtag #MSWeek!””

The sorry state of neurology in Ireland: one year on

“Governments past kept on living with their own kind of neurological illness, i.e. selective memory loss when these services so clearly demanded upgrades.”

A powerful letter to my MS

“I thought you were just another Monday morning case when you walked in,” my consultant said, followed by lots of apologies and the promise that I would be very well taken care of.”

MS Ireland National Meeting Day 2013

Last September, I was invited by the Irish MS Society to take part in a panel discussion at their National Day in Galway. I happily accepted because we all know that I never say no to having a good chat. The topic of the National Day was ‘being active and interactive’, and the panel discussion covered employment, exercise, being online and volunteering. Trevis Gleason, … Read More MS Ireland National Meeting Day 2013

The right to die (updated)

“In the end, the truly sad thing is courts denying people the right to live their own life and deal with death when someone is so obviously tormented. Sanctity of life is a personal matter, what you or I see in this is not up to a court to decide. Not now, not ever.”

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