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Please vote now for in the 2016 Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards!

With astonishment, I found out yesterday that my blog is shortlisted yet again in the Ireland Blog Awards. To reach the final, public voting will take place from Wednesday 17th until Tuesday 23rd August alongside peer voting. Therefore, I would be massively inspired and humbled if you could help me reach the final. You can do so by clicking on the pink link above … Read More Please vote now for in the 2016 Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards!

Ireland Blog Awards 2014 finalist certificates

Happy days! The certificates of the Ireland Blog Awards 2014 finalists arrived today so I can now frame them and give them a nice place on my walls. I want to thank everyone once again for voting me in, and for the continuous support. Without sounding too cliché, I would not be able to keep on writing if it wasn’t for all the good … Read More Ireland Blog Awards 2014 finalist certificates

Liebster Award! (no. 4)

Here is the other Liebster Award that was sitting here idly without being forwarded. Tamie’s Realm kindly nominated me and needless to say, I am very happy about it! As always, nominations – which are winners in WordPress blog terminology – need to follow a few steps when passing on the award. Here are the rules for this particular Liebster Award: 1. Each nominee … Read More Liebster Award! (no. 4)

Liebster Award (no. 3)!

Desperately behind writing new posts or replies to all your comments, I need to get my proverbial bum in action if I want to start writing properly again. Perfectionism is my middle name, but lately I’ve been slacking, oh yes I have. Allow me to hit myself on the hands in punishment… Ouch… That hurt! The first award I need to send on, was … Read More Liebster Award (no. 3)!

Liebster Award with a twist!

Yesterday I came upon a blog post by one of my top favourite bloggers Experienced Tutors. Dean was given another blog award but because of getting so many, wanted to skip the usual format of forwarding the award and instead do something else altogether. This tutor loves bending the rules for fun, and who could blame him. In Dean’s own words: “I have decided … Read More Liebster Award with a twist!

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