Repeal the 8th Amendment

I ask anyone who is able to vote, to please vote Yes tomorrow to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

It is time.

For Savita.

For the 168,705 Sinéads, Aoifes, Sarahs and Siobhans who had to travel to the UK between 1980 and 2016 to have a termination.

For every woman who was told that the health of her unborn baby mattered more than her own.

For every woman who had to carry an ill baby she knew would only live for 30 minutes after birth.

For every woman who was told, “This is a Catholic country, you can’t have an abortion.”

For every woman who was forced to carry a baby after being abused and raped.

For the many whose names we’ll never know.

Tomorrow is their day.

Please join the people who are flying home from Brazil, Thailand, Japan and further afar. 

It simply is time.

#voteyes #hometovote #together4yes #RepealTheEighth

5 thoughts on “Repeal the 8th Amendment

  1. I personally feel that a woman should have control of her body and no one else…. No one should ever be allowed what she can and can’t do with her own body as it is hers. A woman that was raped should NEVER be forced to carry her rapist baby for 9 months, that is wrong on so many levels! But, this is only my opinion and every has a right to their own opinion. I do think it is important for everyone to think about this, if you or someone you love was raped, would you really want to carry that baby?

    1. I completely agree with your view, Alyssa. My view has always been, “My body, my choice.” I’m originally from Belgium where abortion has been legalised since 1990, and I’ve never really wavered of that view because it’s openly talked about over there and I was able to form my decision then. There is a requirement in Belgium that women need to have counselling at least 6 days prior to the termination and to monitor their health with their GPs in the weeks following the termination.

      In addition to that, when I was diagnosed with my MS in 2005, I realised that having kids would probably not the best thing in my case because of the type of symptoms. I have excruciating bouts of trigeminal neuralgia which can be set of by sudden sounds like slamming doors or kids screaming, or those symptoms get worse if I have them already. I’ve written about this for the MS Ireland and Novartis MS blogs because it is a subject that you really have to consider whether kids are a good idea or not.

      With the total ban on abortion in Ireland, I felt awkward talking about it but I’m so happy that the younger generation now has really taken on this subject and campaigned with compassion and passion with women of all ages freely speaking up about their experiences why they believe Ireland should go for a Yes vote. I did get so angry though at the No campaign because they used photos that used MS as a topic to elicit keeping the 8th Amendment, saying “I can’t get new MS medication because the government will now have to pay for abortions,” and to me that was one step too far.

      Savethe8th Abortion Referendum poster using MS as a reason to vote for the 8th

      1. I guess I am a little shocked that Ireland banned abortions. I do not believe women should use abortions as a form of birth control, but you are right our body, our choice!!!
        My doctor told me about 9 years ago it would be hard for me to carry a child full-term because of where the lesions are on my back. I was a little taken back by that and not because I wanted children, but because my choices were taken away from me pretty much. I am a little stubborn and do not like to be told what I can do! My husband never wanted children, probably because he is still too much of a spoiled kids himself lol, so this did not cause any issues for him! We have two 4 legged children, our cats and that is great for us!!!
        Here in the states, the bumper stickers that read “Pro Life” bother me and really make me so angry. I am 100% Pro choice! No one should ever be told what they can do with their body, it is no one’s choice but the woman dealing with the pregnancy and then unwanted baby!

  2. No will not do that Willeke….nobody and I mean nobody has the right to end potential or real life, whatever the circumstances!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Joan, and of course, you are entitled to your own view because it’s such a huge issue in Ireland, one that is sadly all too often swept under the rug. It’s now up to the Dáil to come up with a decent bill that will respect the rights of women as best as it can. But again, voting no is your right and I don’t think any less of you as a woman.

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