What do you think about this Tuesday thought, “Life has too many twists and turns?”

When MS is your sidekick, you certainly understand the concept of the ‘before-MS’ and ‘since-MS’ time in your life. In that brief moment between both, life as you once knew it had all but disappeared.

Many wondered how to bridge that gap.

Some failed.

More prevailed.

Books, articles and television programs have been devoted to why we do the things we do. I continue to study psychology to do just that.

But, as I find myself abroad for two more days, I am once again struck by a ruthless event in the US.

In Sunday’s Las Vegas attack, an unforgiving twist of fate put unexpecting people quite literally in the line of fire.

Following the carnage, selfless acts of kindness showed that we can rise above such evil. No matter how Stephen Paddock tried to dehumanize society, thousands more showed resilience and solidarity.

Within that split second when their life stood still, their version of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ will no doubt change their future.

I have nothing to offer but words of support, encouragement and slowly-gained wisdom because thoughts and prayers are not enough.

My hope is that once the dust has settled and TV cameras have left, that survivors will find enough reasons to keep on living. That they will continue the ripple effect gained from those who went before them.

Strength, unity, and wisdom are not idle words. They form the backbone of a life well-lived.

The debate whether guns kill people, or people kill people will undoubtedly rage on for some time.

In the meantime, I sincerely hope that the understanding of what connects us all is just within our reach: that we have more in common than what divides us.


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2 thoughts on “United

  1. Life certainly does have its twists and turns with SM or MS, or without. My life could be compared to an old hay rope, braided together with some broken twists and turns. I keep tugging at them trying to get them straight.

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