Conversations with myself

14222347_1101763419917442_6482430576462991914_nNot that long ago I was caught talking to my MS medication – all 28 tablets a day – in the hope they’d finally get their act together and start doing what they’re supposed to. Work. Things. Out.

I believe the phrase was, “If you are my Ross, I will be your Rachel.”

Sure, I’ve thought crazier things than that. If people would know what I’m thinking half the time, they’d take me straight to emergency and say I tore all the ligaments in my head.

Two of the biggest life lessons MS taught me, is that you can just as well have fun, and what you think, you become. A bit of semantics here and there. A touch of rhetoric too. And a tiny bit of Ubuntu if you like. Rather like, “I’m medically fascinating.”

I’m chronically fabulous too.

(Or so I am told)

I step on my own toes and hurt my own ego for the sake of applying a bit of black humour to the conversation to stop the person in front of me worrying about my physical state. So, I’ll be damned before I start taking myself too seriously. Stepping outside the box doesn’t work because I was never in the box, to begin with, and I never will be.

Nonetheless, positivity, when faced with chronic illness, is not a cure. It never will be. It helps you along. It shows you a way. Just like there is power in tears, there’s power in a laugh and a smile also. It’s like wearing Nikes and realising you just can’t do it. That means I’m a wee bit allowed to slander myself. Hitting the nerve, as it were. If my central nervous system is allowed to slap me, I am as authorised to strike back. Three times over.

Yes, mathematics was never my forte.

Misleading? Maybe.

Necessary? Sometimes.

Character-building? Absolutely.

Some facetious self-criticism never hurt anybody. And if it did, just remember that for every pothole you cross, you get your bum kicked anyhow.

You might just as well enjoy the ride.

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One thought on “Conversations with myself

  1. Willeke, I really loved this post and your blog and identify with much of what you say. My blog is called “beyond the flow” because I’ve never been part of the mainstream either. It has taken me awhile to find peace with that but now I celebrate diversity, knowing we’re all meant to be our own person. I’m really enjoying your blog.
    xx Rowena

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