MS News: February 2016

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  1. ACTRIMS 2016 Talk Weighs Clinical Differences, Similarities in 2 Major Forms of MS
  2. Results of New SPMS Study to Be Presented at ACTRIMS
  3. Effects of Specific Antibodies on MS Neurodegeneration to Be Presented at ACTRIMS Forum
  4. Treadmill Exercise Benefits MS Patients, According to Study Presented at ACTRIMS Forum
  5. NIH Study into Progressive MS Biomarkers to Be Presented at ACTRIMS 2016
  6. ACTRIMS Session on MS Progression to Emphasize Continuing Treatment of Advancing Disease


  1. MS Gait Analysis Identifies 2 New and Highly Sensitive Markers of Disability and Fatigue
  2. MS Researchers Create a Nanoparticle Drug Able to Stop Inflammation and Autoimmune Attacks in Mice
  3. Peripheral Neuropathy Reversed in Zebrafish After Treatment with 2 Drugs
  4. New Protein, Anoctamin 2, Identified as a Target of Autoantibody Production in MS
  5. MS Stem Cell Therapies Show Promise, But More Work Is Needed, Researcher Tells ACTRIMS 2016
  6. Leptomeningeal Inflammation May Offer New Treatment Targets In Progressive Forms of MS
  7. Research on Progressive MS to Be Funded by International Progressive MS Alliance
  8. Biomarkers May Predict Progression in MS
  9. Aging Ovaries May Signal Imminent Progression of MS
  10. MS Relapse, Remission States Seen to Differ in Gene Expression Between Men and Women
  11. RedHill’s Experimental MS Therapy, RHB-104, Receives Notice of Allowance on U.S. Patent
  12. Long-term Multiple Sclerosis Study on Family and Environment May Help Predict Who Will Develop Disease
  13. MS Study Finds Lipid Antibodies Reflect Changes in Brain Volume and Lesions
  14. MS Patients’ Diminished Sense of Taste Linked in Study to Severity of Brain Lesions
  15. MS-related Inflammation May Be Reduced With Natural Protein, Study Shows
  16. RRMS Drug Works by Shifting Anti-Inflammatory Immune Profile, Study Shows

Clinical trials

  1. Relapsing MS Treatment Showing Efficacy in Phase 2 Extension Study, Celgene Reports at ACTRIMS 2016
  2. Progressive MS Trials May Need a ‘Tailored’ MRI Approach, Researcher Tells ACTRIMS 2016
  3. Fingolimod Fails in Primary Progressive MS
  4. Disease Suppression Persists With Ozanimod at 72 Weeks in MS
  5. Severe Demyelination in Non-MS Patient After TNF-α Blocker Treatment Detailed in Study
  6. New MS Therapy Seen to Promote Myelin Regeneration in Preclinical Study

Medical treatment news

  1. Montel Williams Joins KIND Board as an Advocate for Medical Marijuana
  2. 14 Therapies and New Decisions in Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Ups and Downs in MS: The Latest Drug Data
  4. Multiple Sclerosis Co-Pay Relief Program Adds New Prescription Coverage
  5. MS Patients Seen to Safely Switch to Oral Drugs from Injectable Oral Therapies
  6. Individual with PPMS Shares His Experience of Undergoing Stem Cell Therapy

Holistic treatment news

  1. MS Campaign In UK Pushing for Broader Access to Medical Marijuana

MS Organisations

  1. MS Social Network in UK,, Testing an Online Therapy Tool to Help People Deal with Stresses of Disease
  2. MS Society Funds Research Using Zebrafish to Observe CD46 Protein and Its Role in Brain Inflammation
  3. MS Society Raised $25M to Fund New Research Through NOW Campaign


  1. Biogen’s ‘1MSg Campaign’ Encourages MS Patients to Better Manage Their Disease, Engage with Specialists
  2. Science Fiction Becomes Reality for MS Patients in New Robotic Exoskeleton Study
  3. Italy: Five years of MS blogging
  4. MS in America: comprehensive survey on life with multiple sclerosis
  5. Assess MS: a New Therapy Assessment Tool Developed by Microsoft – Novartis Collaboration
  6. MS Study into Genetic Origins of Disease Seeks African-American Participants
  7. Multiple Sclerosis Lesions Quickly Detected with New MRI Technique
  8. Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue
  9. MS-Related Optic Neuritis – My Journey


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