Christmas… rescheduled!

Sometimes life just throws tantrums and curveballs because of your illness – missing out on Christmas with my nieces and uncle at the very last minute is just one of those moments. But then you realise that your family’s love, acceptance and support will keep you going long after the Christmas holidays, no matter what.

Instead of Father Christmas giving you presents, they want him to take away your sorrow.

They know that Christmas can’t be bought in a store, but instead is given in invisible mountains of love.

They feel your anguish and wished they could take your physical pain from you.

They root for you, uplift you and guide you.

You feel empowered by them being there, even when divided by country borders.

You know they believe you, even when you wonder if your illness has truly knocked you out cold, taken you hostage and you don’t understand the new rules of the game anymore.

Christmas is not found under a tree, but in the hearts of those who love and care about you.

Happy Christmas, wherever you may be.


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