Healthy eating

Eating a balanced diet can be a tricky thing sometimes, especially when temptation is everywhere. I often tell myself, ‘Ah but I’m already doing so much for my health by using my own ‘everything-in-moderation’ diet. Since I don’t consume alcohol or other legal and illegal highs, I something think I am allowed at least a tiny dessert… as long as it’s not ice cream.

So yes…


Time so to check out the image below and learn what healthy eating should be like.


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5 thoughts on “Healthy eating

  1. you put out such good information.. sounds like you are doing a great job with food… it can make or break us. sometimes it may be fun to eat, but we feel like crap afterwards.. thanks for the helpful charts.

    1. Ah thank you! I try to balance facts versus my own experiences with MS, but often find more subjects to add to the managing MS menu. Even if only one person read it and found it useful, then my goal is reached :))

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