In a recent visit to Dublin Zoo, I sat next to a snow leopard who seemed to be contemplating life. It was still early morning, and nobody was around. I sat down right next to the snow leopard for about five minutes, although it could have been longer.

We were taking in each other’s presence and it was a fantastic, soul-searching experience. While sitting there, I thought that so many bad people still roam around freely, creating problems with or for other people who mean well. On the other side of that coin, so many fantastic animals like the snow leopard only seem to have a future on Planet Earth when they’re protected and looked up behind a fence or a window.

While it was a thought-provoking experience – each of us looking at each other, separated by a window – it just didn’t feel right, and I felt guilty belonging to the group of mammals that kill animals for fun. A large juxtaposition that could not be ignored…

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39 thoughts on “Caged

  1. Just curious… do you have 2 web sites? I just got a ping back with the same photo from a different site. Just wanted to be sure it was you also.
    It is a great picture. In Niagara Falls a local magician used to have a white tiger…. beautiful. He let it go to a zoo though so it could be bred. Too bad since it was a show stopper.

  2. A wonderful study. How sad that it couldn’t be taken of him, equally unthreatened, out in a natural environment.
    Mind you, I have reason to know that some of our local leopards have become incredibly good at keeping a low profile, even in quite populated areas.

    1. Indeed… it’s very sad any animal like this should be caged, but if it helps their existence, then that’s the only option.

  3. At the zoo in San Diego the snow leopard is caged across a wide road from his favorite food, the blue sheep. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Beautiful photo and post!

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