Friday 13th

Paraskevidekatriaphobia? Nah, I don’t do phobias. Unless they are related to big, fat, hairy spiders. And ants. Without the hair then. In fact, other creepy crawlies also fall into the ‘almost phobic about’ category. OK, let’s just say that I despise anything with more than 4 legs. That’s about it.

My laptop decided to play dead on me this morning. Nah… just a glitch on a gloomy, dark day in Dublin (I know, I hate alliterations also but I just couldn’t resist!). Then my GP suggested I’d go on beta blockers, the kind of blockers that makes your heart beat a bit slower. And then a heavily painted, almost elderly woman wearing something that resembled a hairy, half-alive animal (rather wolf-like, hence my disdain) had a go at me for accidentally bumping slightly against her shopping basket in the pharmacy. Friday 13th playing me? Nah…

No matter what your superstition is, mine is simply that superstitions are folk legends, part of history when people were unable to make sense of natural events taking place whether we want to or not. Call it fate, karma or just being a silly Billie, but it is still not enough to scare me!

Paraskevidekatriaphobia? Or friggatriskaidekaphobia? Fear of Friday 13th? The name is Greek indeed. And almost too funny not to say it out loud without peeing your pants. It should refer to that fateful Friday on October 13, 1307 when the Knights Templar were brutally murdered by the troops of old Philip IV, then king of France. Tut tut tut… bold King Philip! If you happen to be heavily indebted to people, you don’t go killing noble knights now, do you? But he managed to do just that, hence plastering a fear on a Friday. The 13th. Could have been the 37nd. Or 9th. But it happened to be on a 13th.

If you ask me, a date is just a number, not a phobia. But as phobias go, they can cause substantial hardship for those living with them. To them I apologise for adding a post about a date from the 14th century to my blog. To everyone else, enjoy the day in all its shapes and forms. I will go to bed with the knowledge that another medicinal attack has been launched on my body. Beta-blockers… Friday 13th… not the least bit connected! MS attacking me left, right and rather centrally also? Not at all related to Friday 13th! At all!

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  2. Roy McCarthy says:

    Funny, no one in the office mentioned Friday 13th this year – maybe nothing much wrong has happened the last few thousand times and the superstition is fading. But yay you’re shortlisted! Great, well done.


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